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The Professional Butterfly Farming Workshop
with Nigel Venters

Part II – starting July 14, now extended into October!! – Register Here!

Part II (workshop and papers) Cost: $95.
(Part I papers are still available at a cost of $80.)

Part I Articles total nearly 200 pages in 14 papers, covering all aspects of The Business of Butterfly Farming at a basic and intermediate level. 

Part II Articles & Workshop - Articles contain over 500 pages covering advanced topics. Online workshop using email discussion list provides learning and Q & A time with world-renowned butterfly raising expert, Nigel Venters! A “Desk-Top Workshop!” – access the discussion forum anytime, no set hours. The workshop will remain open for as long as needed by attendees.

Highlights: Raising Monarchs without disease, A new host plant for Monarchs (seeds sent to all attendees); The best and most efficient new ways to raise butterflies; and a certificate of completion (above) for your website and advertising.  Lots of new information, new methods tested by Nigel Venters – learning for all experience levels.

Bonus Items!

List of Topics

(*Sections 1-3 were covered in Part I of this workshop. Part I Class Articles are available for purchase by registrants for Part II, at a cost of $80. Please contact

Section Four (Business) Articles Include:

  • Permits & Regulatory Agencies
  • Preparation, packaging & shipping
  • Shipping Orders, Containers, Instruction & Customer Care
  • Working with Wedding Consultants and Funeral Directors
  • Raising Kits for Schools & Groups
  • Butterfly Education Presentations with Grace Venters
  • Butterfly Education Presentations – With Kathleen Ziemer, Zane Greathouse and Todd Stout
  • Mobile Exhibits – With: Fran LeMasters, David Folk and David Bohlken
  • Butterfly Exhibits – With Nigel Venters, Dave Clermont, Ellen Reid, and Jacqui Knight
  • Building Your Butterfly Business: Merchandise, Advertising, Professional Association Membership

Section Five (Raising & Production) Articles Include:

  • The Advanced Flight House
  • Maximum Monarchs – Part I
  • Maximum Monarchs – Part II
  • Milkweed and Host Plants – Rapid Growth with Aeroponics (With Judi Sunshine)
  • The Vanessas
  • The Longwings
  • Breeding Painted Ladies, Red Admirals and the Longwings
  • Raising Painted Lady Butterflies on Artificial Diet
  • Swallowtails - Raising in Pop Ups and in Sleeves
  • Mourning Cloaks
  • Managing Production Levels to Fill Orders
  • Regulating Livestock and Temperature Controls
  • Successful Breeding Techniques
  • Holding Techniques Using Refrigeration – With Jacob Groth
  • How to Make Compost
  • Temperature-Induced Aberrations and A Simple Guide to Genetic Health and Natural Aberrations

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Part II (workshop and papers) Cost: $95.
(Part I papers are still available at a cost of $80.)

IABES Members may claim an additional 10% discount.

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