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Professional Butterfly Farming Manual

Professional Butterfly Farming ManualThe Butterfly Boutique is proud to present the brand new, downloadable ebook:

The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual!

Replacing the very popular Commercial Butterfly Breeders Manual and the Advanced Guide to Commercial Butterfly Production in one volume, the Professional Butterfly Farming Manual offers everything you need to know about how to raise healthy butterflies. A must for everyone from absolute beginner to fully operational commercial breeder, the Professional Butterfly Farming Manual has it all.

Written by acknowledged top butterfly expert Nigel Venters and experienced commercial breeder Linda Rogers, with input from guest authors who are expert in their own areas, this comprehensive manual will assist you as you raise your butterflies or grow your business.

Available in downloadable eBook form (PDF) suitable for keeping on your electronic device for instant access, or printing out to store in a binder of your choice. 

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