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Butterfly Boutique Online Workshops

Online Workshop Attendance

Once you sign up for an "online" workshop, you will be provided with the wonderful "downloadable" butterfly raising articles for the class.  The articles are provided to participants just before the workshop begins.  Your registration also includes entry and participation in the workshop group discussion forum.  The workshops usually last six days, then extend further for Q & A periods. 

"Attendees" participate in the online workshops, from a computer and need not be present at any special hours.  Nigel Venters is the teacher and during the days the workshops are held, he's online most of the day to facilitate discussions, give instruction and answer questions from the participants. 

Many attendees "click into" the workshop group discussions at other times during the late afternoon or evening and are able to read the material presented and send their questions to Nigel/the group.  All questions are answered by Nigel when he's online the next day.  With this class setup, you are able to participate in the discussions at any time and not during any special hours.  Attendees are also able to email Nigel directly, for questions that come up after the workshop has concluded (or join the World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum where all butterfly raising questions are answered!) 

Purchasing Articles After the Workshops

The workshop articles are also for sale as downloadable eBooks after the classes have concluded.  You may purchase the downloadable eBooks, and access the group discussions from that workshop to read the posts made by Nigel Venters and the attendees.  You may email Nigel directly with any questions you have after reading the eBooks and workshop posts.


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