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Butterfly Business Butterfly Species  Cages, Exhibits, Shipping & Releasing
Equipment & Safety Butterfly Breeding A Butterfly Assortment
Butterfly Plants & Food

Butterfly Business
Using Wholesale Livestock to Increase Your Income Linda Rogers
Managing Your Inventory --
Planning Percentage Losses in Each Stage of the Lifecycle
Linda Rogers, Jacob Groth,
Melanie McCarthy & Nigel Venters
Temperature Chart to Regulate Livestock Growth Nigel Venters
Commercial Butterfly Farmers Working With Funeral Directors Linda Rogers
A Day In The Life of a Butterfly Breeder Melanie McCarthy
Unsure About Butterfly Releases? - A Position Paper Melanie McCarthy
Linda Rogers

Equipment & Safety
Suggestions for Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) for Butterfly Farming Activities Linda Rogers
Making & Using a Butterfly Trap Nigel Venters
Baits and Traps for the Tropics Nigel Venters
A great galvanized folding tomato cage Linda Rogers
Building a Growing Cylinder Linda Rogers

Butterfly Species 
Hand-pairing Monarchs Nigel Venters
Keeping Monarchs Nigel Venters
Overwintering Monarchs in the Fridge Nigel Venters
Sexing Monarch Pupae Nigel Venters
Hanging Swallowtail Pupae Nigel Venters
Swallowtails: Raising/Breeding Tips Nigel Venters
Queens & Fritillaries Nigel Venters
The Red Admiral Nigel Venters
Raising Mourning Cloaks (Q&A) Nigel Venters & Melanie McCarthy

Butterfly Breeding
Raising Healthy Butterflies Linda Rogers & Nigel Venters
Cold Weather Regions: Breeding and Raising Melanie McCarthy
Collecting Eggs Melanie McCarthy
Eggs & Egg Washing Technique Melanie McCarthy
Off-plant Egg Laying! Nigel Venters
Pairing & Egg Production Nigel Venters
Nigel's Butterfly Nectar Recipe Nigel Venters
A warning to anyone using a 'tick killer' on their pet Melanie McCarthy
Production Systems# (8-page PDF* 14.7 MB) Jacob Groth
# The above article is also available in 4 x 2-page sections:
p1-2 (1.2 MB); p3-4 (2.8 MB); p5-6 (6.5 MB); p7-8 (4.7 MB).
Article on Disease Identification & Control:
Detection and Management of Microsporidia and Ophryocystis elecktroscirrha (OE) in Insect Rearing Laboratories
(PDF* file created from PowerPoint original.)
Frank M. Davis and
Amanda M. Lawrence
Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Mississippi State University
Dry Water in the Greenhouse (PDF* 360 KB)

D. Gary Geer

When The Diet Goes Bad...
A case study of the Southwestern Corn Borer moth
(PDF* 1.2 MB)
F, Davis and N. Krishnan
Irritating and time consuming pests (and treatment with Perimicarb) <NEW> Nigel Venters

Butterfly Plants & Food
Green Milkweed Linda Rogers
Buddleia (Quick Tip!) Nigel Venters
Growing the various Buddleia species Nigel Venters
Make your own Organic Liquid Fertilizer / Growth Enhancer!! Linda Rogers
Butterfly Delight Muffins & Butterfly Pie Puddles Linda Rogers

Cages, Exhibits, Shipping & Releasing
Outdoor Exhibits Melanie McCarthy
An example of a decorated display cage Melanie McCarthy
Larvae and Egg Shippers Linda Rogers
Shipping Foam Nigel Venters
Shipping Monarch Pupae Melanie McCarthy
Butterfly Release Customer Instruction documents Melanie McCarthy & Jacob Groth
Shipping Butterfly Eggs on Plant Material (PDF* 1.1 MB) Linda Rogers

A Butterfly Assortment
Nigel and Grace in the Amazon! Nigel Venters
Warning! Be on the lookout for Butterfly Bandits! Nigel Venters
Scientific Names - Classification and Nomenclature Paul Chesterfield

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